VITA AMBRIA is a zirconia-reinforced lithium disilicate press ceramic for highly esthetic and durable results with efficient processing.
  • Brilliant, multi-faceted play of shade and light, thanks to material with natural translucence, opalescence and fluorescence
  • Reliably reproduce tooth shades, thanks to press pellets with very good fidelity
  • Achieve efficient, highly accurate press results through a minimized reaction layer
  • Highly durable restorations, thanks to zirconia-reinforced lithium disilicate ceramic with very high stability (> 550 MPa)
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VITA AMBRIA®, 0M1-T, L, 3 pcs..

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VITA AMBRIA®, 0M3-T, L, 3 pcs..

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VITA AMBRIA®, A1-T, L, 3 pcs..

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VITA AMBRIA®, A2-T, L, 3 pcs..

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VITA AMBRIA®, A3-T, L, 3 pcs..

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VITA AMBRIA®, B1-T, L, 3 pcs..

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VITA AMBRIA®, B2-T, L, 3 pcs..

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VITA AMBRIA®, C2-T, L, 3 pcs..

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VITA AMBRIA®, D2-T, L, 3 pcs..

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